How We Score

Top10’s Scoring System

Top10 is founded on pillars of trust and designed to empower customers to choose the best products for their needs. We continually work to improve our customer experience, and now we’re enriching our scoring methodology to be even more balanced and transparent.

Brand ranking 

Our brand partners are scored on a scale of up to 9.9, considering three parameters: Popularity, Brand Reputation, and Features & Benefits. The algorithm combines and standardizes multiple parameters from reliable sources on the web, accounting for missing or incomplete values and any compensation received from brands, resulting in a balanced and comprehensive score.

We’re committed to maintaining a scoring system that is:

  • TransparentParameters are explained in detail to give you a clear “behind the scenes” look at how each score is calculated.
  • ReliableThe score is drawn from multiple internal and external sources for a holistic and balanced value reflecting real consumer insights.
  • Up to dateOur score is updated every seven days to reflect the dynamic nature of brands, industries, and user trends.

Calculating the score

The parameters comprising our score are:


The Popularity score is determined by comparing the number of clicks received by each listed brand in the past seven days on the same page, scoring table, and device (desktop, mobile, or tablet). A higher share of clicks leads to a higher Popularity score. Note that Top10’s table order may be influenced by compensation received from partners, impacting their Popularity score. Additionally, brands sharing purchase data via Top10’s platform are considered in the calculation.

Brand Reputation

The Brand Reputation score is based on Semrush’s analysis of clickstream data, including user behavior, search patterns, and engagement, to assess prominence, credibility, and trustworthiness. Semrush provides comprehensive insights into online visibility and performance.

If a brand lacks a Semrush score, Top10’s Total Score relies solely on the Popularity Score and the Features & Benefits Score.

Features & Benefits

Our editorial team rates brands based on a wide range of features and benefits they offer, assigning a score for each parameter.


1. How does sharing purchase data affect my score?

Sharing purchase data via Top10’s platforms can provide a more comprehensive view of your brand’s engagement and performance, positively impacting your Popularity score and Total Score.

2. What if my brand doesn’t have a Semrush score?

Without a Semrush score, your Total Score is derived from the Popularity Score and Features & Benefits Score. However, establishing a Semrush score could benefit your brand’s visibility.

3. Can I dispute my brand’s score?

If you believe there’s an error, please get in touch with us and we’ll review your feedback thoroughly.